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We understand that choosing the finest Residential Asphalt Roofing, from the top roofer in Calgary, for your residential homes isn’t an easy one and to an extent requires testimony from other users of those roofing or attestation to the quality nature of these asphalt roofing material. That is why we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers have taken it upon ourselves to attest from experience of working and using some of IKO Asphalt product for homes around Calgary and other many cities of North America, the quality nature of all their products, their assurance of sustainable product as well as the best warranties they’ve got to offer amidst several products in circulation by roofers in Calgary.
The level of trust we have in IKO products has made our expert roofers rely almost solely on covering residential houses around Calgary with IKO Residential Asphalt roofing. However, this isn’t restricted to Calgary alone as expert roofers use them across the U.S. Hence, our expert roofers at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers are always available to help you in determining the most suitable IKO Residential Asphalt Shingles for your roof.

Types of IKO Residential Asphalt Shingles

The right product helps roofers as well as you to boost the residential curb appeal of your home and that is why, no matter the style of your home, you would definitely find the perfect IKO Residential Asphalt roofing from any of their four collection: Premium collections, Performance collections, Architectural collection or Traditional collection.


These residential asphalt shingles come in really beautiful, distinct and unique roof designs cherished by most roofers in Calgary because it delivers the best in weather protection which is a high priority in Calgary, for high caliber properties such as estate homes.


This category consists of residential asphalt roof covers specifically designed to keep the effect of high turbulence or wind at bay in places such as Calgary. They are asphalt products reinforced with ArmourZone for exceptional weather performance especially in places such as Calgary.


The aesthetic appeal of this category of IKO product makes it most popular among roofers and homeowners in Calgary and the rest of the U.S. The Architectural collection come in exciting and very appealing colors that are further reinforced with a dimensional thickness which comes with special advantage sizes for superior weather protection.

Traditional - 3 TAB

The quality of the engineering of this product, the simplicity of their designs and the protective powers of this category of IKO Residential Asphalt S which have helped roofers especially in Calgary in protecting homes for decades gave it the most appealing feature and why most homeowners want it for their roofs. Coupled with this fact is that traditional shingles are very affordable and gives any home a blend of nature.

IKO Premium Residential Asphalt Shingles

This shingle helps you end your search for a roof with a mimic of genuine wood shakes without having to worry about the annual expenses in maintaining the roof. The cost of maintenance is what makes homeowners in Calgary sought out for strong but yet beautiful roof covers. They are laminated roofing manufactured with deep cuts and advanced color-blending technology that has appealed to many roofers and makes the Armourshake one of the most sought after shingle in Calgary.

We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers certified that Armourshake shingles as designed by IKO is perfect for any type of roof, making it an ideal choice for rustic, cottage, urban of any other home style of your choice both in Calgary as well as other part of the U.S. The good news is you do not have to spend so much on roofing all because you want residential asphalt shingles to adorn your home. Armoutshake premium collection come in very affordable installation rate because they are faster as well as very much easy to install than your regular wood shake and because we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers want nothing but the best for you, you can rely on our expertise as experienced roofers in Calgary and also a specialist in the installation of IKO Armourshake to help you in installing this premium IKO product with a very minimal disruption to your property. Be rest assured that our installation techniques are very safe.

The good news with the color options that are offered by this premium Residential Asphalt shingles is that they are equally protected by copper-coated granules that prevent discoloration that is often caused by blue-green algae and that is why roofers in Calgary prefer this product. Whether you are a homeowner or a roofer in Calgary or any other part in the country, you can tap into the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers attested IKO Premium Armourshake Residential Asphalt Shingles to enjoy a long-lasting experience of up to sixty years which is covered by impressive warranty policies available across Calgary and which also comes with further advantages such as:

  • UV- Resistant Granules
  • Quality and resilient fiberglass mats to help give the shakes an intense taste of inner strength

Extra-tacky sealant strips that allow your roof to enjoy the exceptional bonding experience of IKO Premium Armourshake Residential Asphalt Shingles.

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Because we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers understand that your home is your best form of investment and as such, roofing your home must be done with the finest products, that is why we recommend Crown Slate Shingles for your home. Expert roofers in Calgary are often fond of recommending this product because of its luxurious details which is also enhanced with amazing durable features, leaving the roofing product to be one of the top premium roofing shingles IKO has got to offer.

Not only would this asphalt shingles emulate the very luxurious and natural slate tiles look, but the Crown Slate Shingles also help to protect the roofing of your home against wind, water, ice, and snow element and other adverse temperature in Calgary that has made Roofers rely heavily only on the best of shingles.

The modern day roof is heavily leavened with the quest for ageless beauty and a beautiful blend of natural colors and that is why We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers having identified the effortless class that comes with this shingle, highly recommend that this is the finest premium roofing you can cover your luxuriously designed homes with across the North American cities such as Calgary. We also have an expert roofer that is dedicated to helping you seek out the taste in your roofing needs to the finest color and pattern designs that suit those needs.

Talking about colors, you can make your home in Calgary or across the Canada and other major US cities stand out by talking to some of our roofers at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers to settle on either their regal stone or royal granite shingles color blend for your dauntless Calgary roof appearance.

In case you are also wondering, ‘what more do I get with this option?’, you can take a cue from their Built-in-Algae Resistance features available for this model that helps you keep unattractive stains and discoloration away and maintain your luxurious homely look. Crown Slate is fast becoming the roofers’ choice in Calgary because it comes with exceptional bonding experience that helps prevent wind-driven rain from getting underneath them because of it heat-activated extra tacky features and its tough protection against wind uplift. Other amazing advantages you get when you cover your Luxuriously designed Calgary home with a Crown Slate shingle include:

  • Fiberglass mat resilient feature with a top-bottom weathering asphalt coating
  • Multi-layered system well favored by expert Roofers in Canada and major cities across United States

Amazing accessories options that allow for a better looking and long lasting Crown Slate Roofing appearance.

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When it comes to roofing sustainable home in beautiful north American cities such as Calgary without having to spend so much, you can rely on our expert roofer at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers. We would surely equip you with the best IKO product installation that suit the weather conditions in Calgary or other similar places around the US. And talking about some of the finest roof tiles that has overtime helped us to achieve this goal, IKO’s Royal Estate Shingles is one of those products leading our quality roofing charts.

This asphalt product tiles by IKO offers you the luxurious look of a natural slate tiles without the expenses and maintenance that comes with it. The better good news is that they are faster and very much easier to install, unlike the regular slate tile roofing. We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers are certified with an expert roofer that would help you achieve flawless roof. This premium product from IKO offers you so much for a lot less. No wonder roofers in across major cities in the US, Canada  and across North America as whole often go for it as far as providing exquisite roofing is concerned.

Because We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers understand you deserve a wide range of color to pick from, that is why we are recommending this amazing roofing shingle that comes in exciting natural colors that helps the roofing of your home to blend beautifully into its natural surroundings. Be part of the proud homeowners in across North American cities such as Calgary that has chosen from among the harvest slate, taupe slate, mountain slate, and shadow slate color blends that the Royal Estate Shingles has got to offer.

Covering your home with Royal Estate slates leaves your home safer, stronger and luxuriously habitable as they are engineered to perfectly help you as well as your roofer achieve an outstanding edifice, strong enough to protect you against inclement weathers peculiar to cities in the United States and Canada such as Calgary.

Experience a tough to the core experience that is almost second to no other product offered in North America cities such as Calgary. We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers are eager to install on your homes through our expert roofers, the roofing that has an exceptional bonding experience that allows for maximum protection against wind uplifts and blow-offs. The Royal Estate Tile comes in resilient fiberglass mat, coated with weathering asphalt and then surfaced with colored granules that allow for an unmatched strength and that is why when it comes to achieving so much with your option for not so much in expenses, roofers are always eager to recommend Royal Estate Shingles.

Other amazing properties or Royal Estate Roofing tiles include:

  • Durability that comes with impressive warranties
  • Factory engineered accessories options to help your Royal Estate roofing tiles achieve super strong installation
  • A built-in Algae Resistance that helps fend odd damaging rays and discoloration caused by algae growth.
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IKO Performance Roofing Shingles

  • Be part of the lucky homeowners in Calgary as well as other major cities across Canada and the United States that have harkened to the advice of top roofers and thereby enjoying the exceptional protective feature of Cambridge IR roofing mats. And because we are part of these exceptional leading installer and roofer, let us at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers equip you with the leading roofing product in Calgary that would help you in covering your homes with the Cambridge IR top performance roofing tiles for an exceptional protection against harsh weather and to keep you and your safe. We just didn’t settle for Cambridge IR for nothing. Aside from the fact that the shingles is the roofers’ top choice in Calgary as well as other parts of the US, it also comes with some high-performance quality that makes not falling in love with this shingle almost impossible.No other roofing product in Calgary and other beautiful North American cities can offer you a complete resistance against harsh Calgary wind and inclement weather better than Cambridge IR would. Roofing is at its best performance rate when wind cannot lift them nor water penetrate into them to cause horrifying damage and that is what Cambridge IR roofing tiles have come to offer. With the exceptional IKO Fastlock sealant be rest assured that your home roofed with this high-performance roofing product gives maximum protection against all forms of wind lift, blow-off, and water penetration.
    that is not all, Cambridge IR is top roofers’ choice because it is not only strong but offers beautiful roofing colors capable of giving you an outstanding home appearance in Calgary.Cambridge IR is heavy-duty roofing that comes with exceptional durability to ensure the structural integrity of your home essentially because it is fortified with ArmourZone which we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers attest to its protective powers. Roofers in Calgary as well as other major North American cities, particularly the US and Canada, rely strongly on Cambridge IR because of the roofing’s special advantage sizes that are better than most competitor’s comparable products.The good news is Cambridge IR is also very easy to install as certified roofers such as those available at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer and that is why Cambridge IR shingles are currently leading the roofing product market in Calgary and across the Entire North America.This product isn’t just extremely strong and durable for nothing, it is engineered with other fortifying features such as:
  • Printed nail line guides to help roofers and installers position and fasten the roofing titles correctly.
  • Fortified weathering asphalt featuring a resilient fiberglass underlay
  • Built-in Algae protection that helps prevent discoloration.
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If you live in areas such as Calgary or other beautiful cities in Canada and the United States where the curb appeal of your home really matters and where you essentially want to roof that would stand the test of adverse weather condition, then Dynasty Roofing tiles are particularly for you. It is easy to install by most certified IKO Roofer and you can rely on the top expert roofer we are also capable of providing you at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer.

Not only would the roofing of your home be the envy of your neighborhood in Calgary or wherever you may be, you would also have the peace of mind of having your roofing protected by the premium ArmourZone features that allow for a wide nail surface for correct nail placements which roofers and installers around Calgary find really helpful. All tiles are reinforced with tear resistance that optimally helps your roofing to stand against any wind uplift or blow-off even at the most extreme of weather peculiar to places such as Calgary.

Who says tough roofing products have to be boring? Such has not seen the wonderful pattern and colors that Dynasty premium roofing tiles have got to offer. Because we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer wants you to enjoy totally beautiful and inexpensive shingles at no extra maintenance cost, that is why we are recommending Dynasty premium roofing product to you. These roofing designs help installers to achieve a beautiful but very dramatic-looking roof that would make your home the center of attraction.

Dynasty roofing comes in advance color blending technology that makes it possible to help you as well as your roofer achieve a very natural slate look. This color bending technology gives the roofing product its bold ultrahigh-definition color blends. This is not all the reasons why roofers wants Dynasty Roofing Shingles, there is more. We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer certify Dynasty premium roofing shingles as a product that ensures structural integrity with all of its amazing features which include its built-in algae protection mechanism that helps prevent it from discoloration basically because it is embedded with copper coated granules that keep all unattractive stains away from the roofing.

And just when you think it is finished, IKO gives you even more. Dynasty roofing also comes with fiberglass mate which is coated from top to bottom with weathering asphalt to ensure exceptional durability and to give you that very peace of mind in time of terrible weather conditions. Other features of this amazing roofers’ shingle and why we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer recommend it include:

  • It comes in vibrant color and patterns that leave your roofing in the Calgary’s spotlight
  • Engineered with inner core strength and a multi-layered roofing system
  • An exceptional bonding experience that protect your roofing from all damaging elements
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Architectural Shingles

Roofers all over North America often rely on heavyweight products that are engineered to withstand all kind of elements and that is why we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer cannot but help recommend the Cambridge™ Architectural roofing tiles. Experience a new dimension to awesome and natural looking natural wood shakes like roofing that is fancied in North America

The beautiful pattern of Cambridge helps you to achieve any type of home style ranging from traditional to modern, rustic and in fact urban. This is essentially why these roofing products have particularly appealed to the architectural taste of most roofers and homeowners. The good news is that this roofing category from IKO also comes really affordable and easy installation, making every certified roofer or installer the likes of which you would find at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer, your best bets when it comes to installing them.

At the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer, we just don’t recommend any roofing materials to you, we recommend the best and Cambridge™ is one of the best we know IKO has got to offer. Not only are the roofing designed under this brand, roofers’ friendly in terms of installation, but they also come in exciting color features, giving homeowners the luxury to choose from wide range of options, the color in which they want their roofing to be. Cambridge™ comes in special advantage sizes which is often larger than any other products of this kind offered by many competitors. What this means is that roofers get to install your roofing faster than you ever imagine on a full range design option that out your home in the spotlight especially in North America where most homes are architecturally beautiful.

Because we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer just wouldn’t advise you to settle for less, we have taken time to identify other exciting feature of the Cambridge™ which include the built-in algae protection technology that help you in keeping the stains away and helps to ensure a beautiful roofing and retain your spotlight shine all year round. The printed nail guides also help to guide roofers to position and fasten the shingles correctly to help you stand a solid ground against high wind and another damaging element which is expected in places all over North America.

Cambridge™ core strength is its fiberglass mat that comes awesomely coated in weathering asphalt for heavy duty function as well as to allow roofers to install very durable and structure friendly roofing for your dream home. Other amazing features include:

  • Laminated two-piece engineering design that ensures depth and dimension
  • Optional bespoke accessories that would help you retain even better durability status

IKO Fastlock™ sealant strips to help give your roofing maximum protection

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Traditional IKO Shingles

One reason why we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer recommend this to most homeowners in Calgary and across the North American cities is essential that this is perhaps the most decently priced product IKO has got to offer. They come cheap and very easy to install, making it the top choices for roofers across North America. The beauty of Marathon ™ Plus AR is the fact that they are somewhat multipurpose in scope. You can use them to replace the roofing of other structures such as tool sheds, gazebos, and even dog houses.

The Marathon ™ Plus AR comes in traditional three-tab shingle designs that are effortlessly beautiful and reliably strong, making it why roofers often rely on it especially when on a tight budget. IKO has made this roofing product even more exciting by offering homeowners a very impressive twenty-five years limited warranty.

Your home cannot remain the same with Marathon ™ Plus AR as your roofing. You do not need to worry about harsh element as this shingle is engineered to protect your home, family and other valuables with its weather-resistant design. This category of traditional roofing comes in a flexible fiberglass mat with weathering asphalt coating that leaves it solidly framed. The bespoke IKO sealant helps your roofing to stay intact and you wouldn’t have to worry about any wind lift or blow-off that is why this roofing is our favorite at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer.

The Marathon ™ Plus AR comes in metric sizes larger than any comparable shingles in their class and they are easy to carve to bring out a distinct taste for your roofing, leaving them to be beautiful and attractive just like most homes with IKO asphalt roofing in Calgary.

The built-in algae resistance feature ensures that your roof stays fresh all year long as it keeps all form of discoloration away. This built-in algae resistance also come with UV-Resistant granules that help you in making sure that discoloration caused by sun rays doesn’t affect your roofing. Even the roofers are proud to install them as roofing for home because of their effortless appeal and their easy installations.

The Marathon ™ Plus AR also come in exciting roofing color options that can easily fit into any home style of your choice and that would also help your roofer achieve an outstanding roof design that would suit your taste and style. We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer can attest to the fact that Marathon Plus AR roofing has served and stood the test of time in places all over North America and is willing to do more for your roofing only if you would allow it and allow a certified roofer such as the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer to do you the honor of installation. You absolutely have chosen the right product if you settle for this because of features such as:

  • Twenty-five years limited Warranty
  • Tough inner core strength that allows the roof to stand against all forms of elements
  • The extra tacky sealant that is activated by sun heat to ensure a premium grip.
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