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Dynasty with ArmourZone

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If you live in areas such as Calgary or other beautiful cities in Canada and the United States where the curb appeal of your home really matters and where you essentially want to roof that would stand the test of adverse weather condition, then Dynasty Roofing tiles are particularly for you. It is easy to install by most certified IKO Roofer and you can rely on the top expert roofer we are also capable of providing you at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer.

Not only would the roofing of your home be the envy of your neighborhood in Calgary or wherever you may be, you would also have the peace of mind of having your roofing protected by the premium ArmourZone features that allow for a wide nail surface for correct nail placements which roofers and installers around Calgary find really helpful. All tiles are reinforced with tear resistance that optimally helps your roofing to stand against any wind uplift or blow-off even at the most extreme of weather peculiar to places such as Calgary.

Who says tough roofing products have to be boring? Such has not seen the wonderful pattern and colors that Dynasty premium roofing tiles have got to offer. Because we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer wants you to enjoy totally beautiful and inexpensive shingles at no extra maintenance cost, that is why we are recommending Dynasty premium roofing product to you. These roofing designs help installers to achieve a beautiful but very dramatic-looking roof that would make your home the center of attraction.

Dynasty roofing comes in advance color blending technology that makes it possible to help you as well as your roofer achieve a very natural slate look. This color bending technology gives the roofing product its bold ultrahigh-definition color blends. This is not all the reasons why roofers wants Dynasty Roofing Shingles, there is more. We at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer certify Dynasty premium roofing shingles as a product that ensures structural integrity with all of its amazing features which include its built-in algae protection mechanism that helps prevent it from discoloration basically because it is embedded with copper coated granules that keep all unattractive stains away from the roofing.

And just when you think it is finished, IKO gives you even more. Dynasty roofing also comes with fiberglass mate which is coated from top to bottom with weathering asphalt to ensure exceptional durability and to give you that very peace of mind in time of terrible weather conditions. Other features of this amazing roofers’ shingle and why we at the Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofer recommend it include:

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