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ARCADIA SHAKE is inspired by the iconic appearance of split wood shake. Each luxury shingle is constructed from four layers of high-grade roofing asphalt and features cutouts and variegated edges for enhanced dimensionality. Available in five dynamic colors, including multiple energy saving cool roof options, ARCADIA SHAKEis priced at a fraction of the cost of real wood shake. Plus, unlike natural wood, ARCADIA SHAKEis maintenance-free and provides a superior class of fire resistance.
As a leading ARCADIA SHAKEroofing expert, RSR roofers have been established over the time to work on whole range of different Calgary's projects, broadening our knowledge and skillset. Regardless of the style of size of your property in Calgary, RSR's ARCADIA SHAKEhelps improve your roofers aesthetics and the same time, do a fantastic job of protecting your roof space.
ARCADIA SHAKEoffers discerning homeowners of Calgary an artisan look at a price that makes it the smart choice for protecting and beautifying their home for the following:

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