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Woodcrest shingles

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Owens Corning Woodcrest roofing shingles are thick and have rustic and textured appearance that mimics the look of a wood shake roof. Their natural look come with a durability that's just as appealing. However, these roofing come with a limited lifetime warranty and can withstand upto 130 mph.
Capturing the look and feel of Calgary's roofing collection, our rustic hues and deep dimension define Woodcrest roofs to be the best. Blending into nature, our roofing style also allows you to express your own true nature. And underlying the classic beauty of these roofs are the superior strength and durability you would expect from Owens Corning.
As a well established Woodcrest roofing company in Calgary, with a fantastic reputation, you can call on Rock Solid Roofing by our best top local Roofers in Calgary for all your roofing needs. Our expert roofers can install your Woodcrest roofing shingles to give your roof the finish it deserves.

We, at Rock Solid Roofing by our best top local Roofers in Calgary have years experience providing quality - roofing solutions for all of our customers across Calgary and our roofers have the experience, knowledge and expertise that others don't. Our expert roofers provide excellent roofing solution that includes all facets of your roofing system. Servicing your roofing through a professional certified roofing contractor in Calgary is the best way to extend the life of your roofing system and protect your most important asset, your home. Sometimes we use a jack of all trades for work around your home to save money, but when it comes to your roofing system you may need to amend your thinking. When you have maintenance performed on your roofing system, the cost shouldn't be an obstacle, because it is more about what the solution does to solve the problem than price.

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