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A tough, one-piece shingle - ideal for situations where the highest quality roofing products are called for at an economical price. Installation is fast and easy to minimize roofing time and disruption. Built on a tough fiberglass base, this shingle performs for years and years.
On choosing the right CT 20 Shingle for you, our team of skilled roofers in RSR Calgary will be on hand to carry out a safe installation, so you can get back to normal as quick as possible. So why not reduce the chances of roof repairs further down the line, by investing in BELMONT Shingle with RSR roofing?
As a well establishedCT 20 roofing company in Calgary, and with fantastic reputation, you can call on RSR for all your roofing needs. At Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers we can install yourCT 20 roofing sheets and panels to give your roof the finish it deserves.
We recommend CT 20 Shingle for your next roofing project because of the following:

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