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PRESIDENTIAL SHAKE TL are triple layer Asphalt shingle - one of the finest roofing materials in the industry. But although they contain the best modern technology, they retain the stylistic roofers charm of classic cedar shake shingles.
Now you must be wondering what is TL?
TL stands for for Triple Layer, the most resilient, thick, and heaviest shingle in the roofing industry. PRESIDENTIAL SHAKE TL offers better performance than old cedar shake shingles at a fraction of the price.
The Presidential Series comes in two forms, the standard two layer Presidential and Presidential TL, a three layered shingle to provide that visual weight and depth. The intricate design work that went into this shingle tab design lends itself to a truly distinctive sculpted, dimensional appearance for those wanting a timber look.
The Presidential Series is a fraction of the cost of timber shakes but unlike wood, it won't rot or decay and offers excellent wind resistance. Presidential Series comes standard with StreakFighter, a CertainTeed manufacturing roofers standard that helps to prevent streaking by airborne algae.
Presidential Shake TL, the luxury roofers shingles with the look of cedar shakes and the performance of one of the finest roofers composition solutions in the industry.
With Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofersin Calgary our CertainTeed PRESIDENTIAL SHAKE TL on your home, you have the assurance of being protected by one of the finest and most durable Luxury Shingle roofers in Calgary that gives:

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