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The beauty of BELMONT IR, with the enhanced strength of UL, certified IV impact resistance. Made from top grade roofing Asphalt and reinforced with a strong fiberglass roofers base mat, this shingle is engineered to stand up to unforgiving elements. It's layered construction and blended coloration includes rich hues and high contrast shadow lines which artfully emulate the classic look of the slate roofing. Plus it comes backed by CertainTeed's lifetime limited manufacturer warranty, for the additional peace of mind that today's homeowners living in Calgary expect and deserve.
Here at Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers, we commit ourselves by helping customers achieve their architectural roofers vision by using the best material for the job, and offering our expert advice across Calgary.
BELMONT IR is a roofing method which has been used in the industry for hundreds of years, and is therefore proven to be extremely reliable.
We recommend BELMONT IR roofers for your next roofing project because of the following:

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