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Timberline Ultra HD

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TIMBERLINE ULTRA HD® shingles is a best quality roofing design and very unique too, in that home owners around get to enjoy thickest and most ultra-dimensional Timberline® shingle that also has an added benefit of increasing the resale value of your property. All these come at a cost of just pennies-a-day more, and it is what we do. Isn't that amazing?

Rock Solid Roofing by our best local roofers say TIMBERLINE ULTRA HD® advantage it has over other standard architectural shingles which is its low cost of just pennies a day more. And do not be fooled by its cut price, it delivers a high return of being the most ultra-dimensional and thickest wood shake look for your roof. You can contact us a same day estimation,

TIMBERLINE ULTRA HD® shingles boasts of an incredible thickness that are easily noticed and well appreciated by home owners in Calgary that desire a decent roofing; it also possess a natural and unrivalled beauty. This is brought forth all thanks to its layered structure that's 53% thicker than other architectural shingles. This is combined also with high definition blends. This put together contributes to increasing the resale value of your home in Calgary. This is an amazing advantage.

All this reason put together is why we at Rock Solid Roofers encourage home owners to invest in TIMBERLINE ULTRA HD® shingles. Due to its thickness and natural beauty, it is perfect for home owners in Calgary and beyond. A home in Calgary that our roofers install with Timberline® ultra HD shingles often stand out from the rest of other casual roofing types and thus home owners are encouraged to deploy it for their roof replacement.

For home owners around Calgary and beyond, this roofing shingle is your best bet at investing in excellent roofing for your home. This is also due to its high performance, coupled with its super thick layer at 53% thickness combined with a high definition blend.

Rock Solid Roofers consist of excellent and highly experienced roofers. Home owners around Calgary rely on us to provide them with a professional and efficient plus a safe installation anywhere around Calgary and beyond with little interference to their personal property. Rock Solid Roofers go the length in making experienced and best recommendation for your roofing job. We utilize the best roofing materials in discharge of our roofing duties in an attempt to please our clients. Furthermore, our team gives you the best advice and tips needed in your roofing job. You can contact us for a free roofers inspections for your roof replacement or new construction. Your best desires are our priority.

Rock Solid Roofing by our best local roofers possess an excellent and exceptional track record of exceeding expectations over the years of our existence. Our experienced and trained roofers assist you in procuring the best spec for your Calgary home. Our roofers also go the extra mile of being meticulous and careful during our installation because we understand that a slight error can lead to a downward spiral of your beautiful home design. Our roofers provide free surveys within Calgary and also provide you with free roofing estimations as a part of our excellent customer care service. This, if you desire a Rock Solid Roofing and give your household and visitors that amazing and breathtaking feeling having a knowledge of the exterior of your Calgary home as unique and outstanding, then we recommend you deploy TIMBERLINE ULTRA HD® shingles by Rock Solid Roofers. This contributes to giving your home that desired beautiful exterior appearance.

With a Rock Solid Roofing by our best top local roofers on your home, there exist an exact certainty of an enjoyment of maximum protection by one of the most suitable and unique roofers.

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