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Timberline ArmorShield II

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There is a striking and distinctive feature of the TIMBERLINE® ARMORSHIELD™ II that sets it apart and that is the fact that it fuses the beauty of Timberline® shingles with potential insurance savings by our insurance claim specialist and an added layer of protection.

Here is why:

Impact resistance: ARMORSHIELD™ II passes the UL 2218 Class 4 impact test. It shows no evidence of ruptures or cracks in its front or back right after impact as to when you compare it to standard shingles which do not pass the impact test. Homeowners around Calgary tend to like TIMBERLINE® ARMORSHIELD™ II because of this singular quality.

Rock Solid Roofing done by our best top local roofing professionals deploy the use of ARMORSHIELD™ II shingles for our clients living around Calgary and beyond. Our testimonials speaks for us. Contact us for a free price quote and same day estimation.

Due to its peculiar characteristics, homeowners tend to employ the best of hands to carry out their roofing installations for their new construction or roof replacement. our roofers emphasize our ethics and they do that by being careful and meticulous with our installation also applying best practices, and we even offer emergency services.

Rock Solid Roofers in giving our clients an amazing experience; we tend to make a careful selection of the best and in doing that, we most times recommend TIMBERLINE® ARMORSHIELD™ II SHINGLES roofing.

Professional roofers say it is not just because of its impact resistance abilities but also because of its excellent wind performance. It possesses Duragrip adhesive that seals each of the shingles tightly to each other and hence lower its chances of being blown off. Our roofing services include storm damage, room maintenance programs other additional services. Your SAFETY is our priority. Our experienced roofers discovered that it also boasts of:

High performance

It is designed with advanced protection shingle technology; this facilitates the reduction in use of natural resources whilst also not compromising its excellent protection abilities. This is why it is a preferred choice by Calgary home owners. Our roofers emphasize this.

Ridge cap shingles

In delivering Rock Solid Roofing, our best top local roofers Use the Seal-A-Ridge® ARMORSHIELD™ SBS Modified IR Ridge Cap Shingles. This is because they possess a distinctively unique color match to ARMORSHIELD™ series.

Stain guard protection, peace of mind etc. are more reasons why TIMBERLINE® AMERICA SHINGLE is ideal for a bulk of our clients around the Calgary area.

Our Calgary clients desire the best in roofing and our roofers strive to deliver this.

The above characteristics are distinctive features; that makes Timberline® American harvest shingles unique. Thereby enhancing the beauty; and aesthetic of homes delivered by our roofers. We know what home owners in Calgary desire in roofing and our roofers give their very best to ensuring they get their desires.

In our bid to give our client’s Rock Solid Roofing that stands the test of time, with their permission, our Rock Solid professional roofers deploy American ARMORSHIELD™ II for their Calgary home roofing needs.

For homeowners around Calgary and beyond, our roofers goes the mile in also providing free consultancy while also helping them procure the best quality of TIMBERLINE® for their roofing needs. This is why clients around Calgary love us.

Our roofers are always available to deliver their wealth of experience to your Calgary home, contact us for further information.



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