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Same Day Detailed Estimate

Rock Solid Roofing by our best top local roofers is very unique and distinct in this regard.We provide a same day detailed estimation for your roofing project. This service would come as a relief to Calgary homeowners.We know as we have created relationships with our best top local roofers in Calgary and across North America. The sad case is that upwards of 80% of roofers never took our calls. Voice mail it was. In most cases, home owners contact roofers for estimation for their jobs and it takes days for a call back and weeks for a written estimate. This becomes worrisome especially if emergency service is required or clients are working with a deadline for completion.Most times, these distressed clients put a call through to these roofers and their calls are not answered neither are they returned. To get a call takes a very long time.At Rock Solid Roofers, we take our business seriously and we seek out ways to make our clients love us more. When we say we do something, we actually mean it and work hard to follow through.This is why, in order to please our customers, we offer them same day detailed estimation. Once you call on us, we immediately put our measure and quote team to work, we then go ahead to make a detailed estimation of your project. We strive to also save you money. That is why we have lots of happy customers all over Calgary.Afterwards, we make a report of everything and present to you same day via email.


This doesn’t get any better!If there are questions you may have regarding your estimate, we have team of roofing specialists that can give you a one on one review. You can book that for a time that works for you on our home page under Estimate Review. Our sales representatives are waiting at the other end of the line to attend to you. Our roofing estimators are always ready to work with you, create an estimate for you on call with us and afterwards email it to you same day!This is to prove to our Calgary clients that we take our job seriously and we are passionate about it. We are indeed different and set apart from the pack.This is too good to be true Right?Contact us today for your own same day detailed estimation of your roofing project. We would get back to you immediately, take down your details and measure and quote team will swing into immediate action.


Do you think it is the right time for your roof replacement, but you don’t have any idea about how much service will cost in Calgary? If yes, then all you have to do is to contact Rock Solid Roofing by our Best Top Local Roofers in Calgary to get same day detailed estimation about your project.
What Our Roofing Estimate Include?
We completely understand that roofing estimate is not just about analyzing how much your new roof will cost. In fact, it is the initial step in smooth roofing installation or replacement process. That’s why we provide a detailed evaluation to you.


Time Frame
We clearly outline what the whole roofing job will include, and who will handle what job. Our experienced measure and Quote team in Calgary will tell you the project’s start, and completion date as well as terms of payment. Every payment terms information will be explained in detail, which include deposit (if applicable), progress and the final end payment.
Our top local roofers in Calgary will explain what type of materials, will be used in your project.
We provide an estimation of labor and materials cost. In fact, our roofers you will provide you an idea about the whole project cost:
• Material costs – roofing material, flashing, etc.
• Labor costs
• Additional expenses, which include sheathing repairs, etc.
• Payment methods
How will a problem that may arise after the completion of the project be managed? Our top local roofers in Calgary give you surety that you will rarely face any problem after the project completion. What if the problem may come up? Don’t panic as our roofers will handle everything without an additional cost.
In our evaluation, our roofers provide thorough information about lengths and types of warranties for workmanship and materials.
We provide proof of our company’s license and liability insurance. Plus, our roofing estimation in Calgary includes employee’s compensation insurance.
What are you waiting for? Request a roofing installation or replacement estimate from our Best Top Local Roofers in Calgary. You will get a comprehensive estimation on the same day you request it via email!!


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